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Updated on September 2014


A Seller's Marketing Triangle

The size of the marketing triangle is
determined by the efforts and
expertise of your RealtorŪ
real estate market triangle

There are no "casual" buyers of real estate. It's not toothpaste. It's the largest equity purchase most people make in their lives.

Understanding the marketing triangle goes a long way towards grasping how to get top dollar for your property.

And one of the significant keys of Temple's and Kerstin's success in selling for the best price is the fact that their cyberspace expertise grabs a maximum number of true buyers from the top tier of the triangle.

There are buyers and there are lookers, and they change every day on a local level. Real estate is always local. The active buyer of a home in the Rocky Mountains is not interested in a beachfront condo in Boca Raton.

A great marketing system consistently attains top dollar because of the "dynamic" nature of the real estate market itself. The critical word is "dynamic". In any given week, on any given day, there are Active Buyers who will pay top dollar for their dream home. As one buyer reaches for a contract, another appears. In other words, the market is not static.

There are even more Passive Buyers who will look, not quite ready to make the move. This is the pool from which Active Buyers emerge.

There are a very large number of real estate Tire Kickers -- folks who have nothing better to do on a weekend than get some poor Realtor® to drive them around, looking at homes they have no intention of buying. And yet, over time, they can become Active Buyers.

ALL of these people play critical roles in the purchase of real estate. But remember, all of them change every week -- the dynamic market is constantly reborn.

Active Buyers' have an obvious purpose. Passive Buyers and real estate Tire Kickers? They tend to drive up the price of a home with their market presence, even if their only reason for being there is curiosity.

But the most important point of all is this -- the actual size of the marketing triangle will be determined by the marketing efforts and expertise of your Realtor®. If all they do is send out some postcards (usually promoting themselves rather than your property), put your property on a Multiple Listing Service, and talk to some of their contacts about your home -- if that's all they do, the your triangle becomes quite small. If they try to sell the property "in-house" with a reduced commission rate, then your triangle becomes very small.

Any expert big ticket seller knows that the key to maximizing the selling price remains the number of ACTIVE buyers interested in the item. Nowhere does this become more obvious than in selling a home. Nowhere do more active buyers appear than with Temple and Kerstin's cyberspace selling.

It works. Call us today.

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